Friday, September 4, 2015

X-Wing Miniatures Games: Imperial Raider Model

For Force Friday, I needed a Star Wars post so while I have not gotten the new X-Wing Starter set, I did get the Imperial Raider as an anniversary present this year.   This is a big set with a lot to look at so we will break the review down into three parts.  Today we are going to start are look with a look at just the model.  The model is very light given its size which probably again means it is hollow.  The design is soft of along the star destroyer theme but it seems more pointy with a smaller bridge area and tie like side panels around the ship.

The modeled armament are a collection of ion batteries as opposed to turbolasers or quad laser cannons seen on the Rebel Blockage runner.

You can see the small bridge area.  Much harder to crash into that.

One large engine dominates the rear.  My ship show some paint wear/chipping already which is not very impressive for quality purposes.

The underside of the ship has the pin mounts and lots of detailing.  One of the mounts in actually sunk into the ship fairly deep.  This will hopefully protect the pins.  I am probably not the only person to have some broken mounting components with the X-Wing line.

All of the side panels are pretty soft and flexible so should be pretty robust in use and not break the first time it falls over.

Here is the side by side for the 3 big ships so far in the game.  With the new movies coming plus the expansion based on the Rebels TV show there are more in the pipeline but I am personally pretty much full on stuff now.  My X-Wing storage bin is literally full.  I had to reorganize it and get rid of the box for one of my starter sets to make room for this ship.  Maybe a piece or two more for the Scum but the rest will be very much a wait and see.  I am not out there playing a ton so I have more than enough for fun at home.


  1. Just picked up mine, can't wait to get in action at Spectre Studios. An Epic clash with huge ships and smaller ones flying around makes me feel like I'm a kid again

    1. I am sure it will serve your imperial forces well.

  2. So freaking awesome! I just got to see one of these in person the other day. Just awe inspiring!

    1. The Rebel transport is still probably my favorite with the shipping container detailing on the bottom but the Raider is pretty nice also.