Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lego Marvel: Ant Man Set

So I do not normal get Super Hero Lego sets.  I will probably be able to show some more on the blog in the future as my son ages into real Lego sets.  He already has a pretty good collection of the Ninja Turtle Lego broken down into random parts since that is what kids do.  I did decide to ask for the Ant Man as a birthday gift set though as it was only like 20 dollars.  I have not gotten out to see the movie but expect to watch it on cable/dvd in the future.

The set comes with 3 minifigures: Yellow Jacket, Hank Pym, and Hank Pym.  They are pretty cool figures.

Here is a better look at the Yellow Jacket figure without the backpack which makes him pretty back heavy.  The helmet is semi-transparent with probably yellow clear plastic with printing/painting over it.

They did the same thing for the two hero suits with red.  They look really distinct in the minifigure line with these helmets.

The heroes have two sided heads.  I note that Hank's angry face looks pretty familar.

It is the same head as Gandalf.

The set comes with a brick built flying ant (Anthony).  It is articulated at the head and thorax with some movement in the wings, pincers, and legs.  Pretty good ant but not the awesomeness that was Shelob from the first wave of LOTR sets.

Nice Spot to sit for a ride.

They also give you the parts to build some giant Lego Bricks and the correspond in regular size ones.  This is supposed to set up the scale for you as the characters shrink down to the size of Lego bricks.  I thought this was kind of meta so liked the idea a lot.  The "bricks" form a launcher that shoots screws.

Overall I really like this set.  The figures are excellent and the ant is pretty good and you get to use Lego bricks to buildLego bricks.

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