Friday, October 9, 2015

Innsmouth Eagles Stand Tall

In their second League game my Slann Team, The Innsmouth Eagles, were able to pull off the win.  It was a better matchup than my first game which was against an experienced Norse team.  This week I faced a rookie roster Pro Elf team.  I totally failed my fans roll and ended up at +2 FAME disadvantage which was exasperated by a card the opponent drew giving him essentially +3 FAME on kickoff table rolls.  Luckily only 1 event came up where this mattered and no pitch invasions.

I won the coin toss but started on defense.  I was a little to aggressive in the first half on defense and burned all my rerolls early but he tried to set up a side line cage even though I told him not to when he placed he ball carrier along the side line.  Since I do not yet have any strip ball the leap in and crowd push is my best defensive play as it often gets the ball sent flying way from the cage where it is easier for my guys to get it.  

I got the ball loose but the first half on both sides of the ball was really about how many 2+ rolls we cold fail.  Neither of use to string together 2 successes in a row so the ball kept popping loose.  I did have good luck on the armor breaks this time as I was able to throw more 2D blocks since his team mostly lacked block also.  So I built a man advantage and was able to secure it and finally score in my turn 7.

The second got off to a bad start when I failed a pick up the ball in the first turn but the ball was essentially at my goal line so I let it stay on the ground.  The next turn I snagged it and caged up midway in my half.  He put some pressure on my cage with his Block SideStepping blitzers but I generally dodge/leaped away from them and worked my cage up the field to score in turn 7 without using a single reroll all half.

Down like 3 guys and 2 touchdowns my opponent decided to not try to force the quick score and instead focused on getting a couple of easy completions on select guys to improve advancement.  I definitely got a better feel for the team this week but still was probably too aggressive on defense initially.

I managed to advance two players with a Catcher picking up dodge to make him more survivable and super mobile. Only Str 2 and Av 7 dies pretty fast.  A Blitzer managed to snag the MVP to go with a CAS to get Guard,  My opponent was surprised I did not get Block but everyone on the team can get Block while only my blitzers right now can get guard.  If I am willing to do the extra Leap, the guard piece lets me get 2 dice blocks on fully caged(but no guard) ball carriers pretty easy.  You can make the Slann Blitzers killers but our league with relatively few games and a three season maximum does not often allow non ball carriers to get up to 3 skills which you need to get the killer going with Block, Mightly Blow, and Pile On.  Compared to a lot of other killers I start either one skill behind without Block or a point of strength behind.

I have also added a Apothecary and an additional Lineman so it is time to start saving for big buys(reroll, krox, third blitzer) or replacement players(catcher die easy and one of my blitzers is already move busted).  Next time I face off with an experienced High Elf team will a Killer Str 4 Mighty Blow Blitzer.  He will be able to hit harder and handle the ball better than me so it will be a tough go.

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