Friday, October 9, 2015

Mantic's Warpath Kickstarter's Final Weekend

As the title says, Mantic's Warpath Kickstarter is entering its final weekend.  I am currently not buying any miniatures as my mountain is to high and I am still owed a Dungeon Saga kickstarter set so most of the pledges are not on my mind.  They do have a 235 dollar pledge right now that gives you pretty much a full army with about 100 infantry type models plus like 4 vehicles depending on how you choose to use it.  Or you could get like 4 different starter armies by getting the starter set and then two of 4 the forces not in the starter.  That would probably work out great if you were most interested in the Warpath: Firefight version of the game.

Operation Heracles gives you like 30 Enforcers and 30 Forgefathers.

 Then pick two out of the Veermyn, Plagues, Asterians, or GCPS which generally come in at about 50 models each.

Unfortanutely in standard Mantic Kickstarter style their are essentially no details on this version of the game except that it is more model based compared to the stand and unit based Warpath.  I will not let this deter me so I am going to pledge myself.  How much you ask?  1 Dollar.  Why 1 Dollar?  That pledge includes the pdf's of the rulebooks which is what I am most interested in.  I have tons of Sci-Fi models and terrain but not a game right now that appeals to me.  Mantic general gives out basic rules for free but some extra stuff in the books hopefully will be worth 1 dollar.

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