Friday, October 16, 2015

X-Wing: X-Wing Expansion

Another something that I missed posting back in the day when I got it was the X-Wing expansion.  So this
 post is mainly just to fill in the X-Wing post sets to which the page that lists them has a link on the right column.

Yeap, That is a classic X-Wing.  The cannons on this one are pretty good.  They can often be bent.  One of the things to watch for when picking out X-wing models in stores to actually look closely at the models and pick the best one of that type as there are variations in model quality.

Same as the starter set one.

The expansion gets 4 pilots of which 2 are unique and the normal ones are repeats of the starter set.  Back in the day Wedge was the man but at 29 points I am not sure how he stacks up now.  Probably gets killed too quick to earn back his points in the dangerous world that has seen like 10 waves since these guys.

Here we get torpedoes, 2 veteran cards and 2 more astromechs.  Really not sure if I like any of these enough to spend the points.


  1. The R5 is pretty good on a Y-wing, but not so much on an X-Wing.

    1. Thanks for the advice. The higher hull value for the Y-wing does make it more likely to have critical cards to turn over.