Friday, March 11, 2016

Lego Star Wars Rebels The Phantom

Lego who is always on the look out for new things to add to their Star Wars line, I am sure jumped at getting stuff from the Rebels cartoon series.  When it initially came out, I tried to get the kids to watch it but they did not want to.  Now that it is in season 2 they want to so we have to go back and watch the first season.  This set is from the inital Rebels release.  The set includes the small ship the Phantom along with Erza and C1-10P, Chopper.

Erza comes with both hair and his cadet helmet while Chopper is actually a mini sized droid with a rounding piece on the bottom of the center.

Erza also has a double sided head and printing on his back.

The ship comes with a spring loaded shooter on the top.  The wings fold down.

The rear of the ship has an access panel which lets you see into the storage area but not actually access it.

You take the top off to access the rear area.  This is where Chopper sits and he only fits since he is a mini droid.

The set is sort of interesting but at 25 dollars was too expensive.  I got it for 20 at Target which is still high but I also got the larger ship at a very good deal so wanted to get the smaller ship for my son since they can dock like in the show.  Like most of the time when I finally get to review stuff (buying on clearence then waiting to get it at the next gift holiday) this set is probably not available anymore.

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