Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dungeon Saga Invisible Overlord Test: Adventure A

Here I have another Test of the my expanded Invisible Overlord rules for Dungeon Saga.  I am trying them on Intro Adventure A.  Spoilers after the jump

Hero Turn 1:
Rordin Moves past first Skeleton and then destroys him.
Orlaf Moves up to second skeleton and Piles of Bones him.

Overlord Turn 1:  Card 1
2 Attack Armored Wounded:
Two models with 2 Attack dice both have to move same distance to attack Orlaf who is lower threat than Rordin but can be attacked.  Both get activated with undead Character but also use both activations from card.
First Skeleton Warrior moves up and does a Wound to Orlaf.
Second Skeleton Warrior moves up and misses.

Overlord Turn 1: Card 2
3 Attack Unarmored Weakest:
There are no models able to attack so order goes to support.  Orlaf is the highest Threat Hero with +6.  There are no trailing overlord models so it goes to look for Rising Piles of Bones Nearest the highest threat hero.  The PIB next to Orlaf is ignored as it would take a Free Strike.  Next nearest is in close alcove so it gets raised as Skeleton Warrior which is the highest level minion available.  Then the next nearest is in the alcove closest to Rordin.  There are no more models in the raise dead pool and no models who can move so the last command is not used.

Hero Turn 2:
Rordin Moves over to attack nearby Skeleton and misses.
Orlaf Whirlwinds but only gets 1 of the 2 adjacent Skeleton Warriors.

Overlord Turn 2: Card 1
2 Pin Spellcaster Unarmored:
Both Heroes are already based and Orlaf has +3 Threat so he is the prime target.  He has two skeletons near him but the skeleton in the alcove is blocked from moving so the one next to him attacks and wounds him.
The skeleton next to Rordin is then activated as the other Pin to attack him but misses.

Overlord Turn 2: Card 2
3 Surround: Armored, Quest.
Both Heroes are tied for threat with Rordin being Armored and Orlaf having the higest strength attack for the door that needs to be knocked down for the Quest.  The one skeleton can still not move so the surround looks to raise piles of bones.  One next to Orlaf is still free strikable so ignored.  Their are two tied for equal distance from Rordin but only one model in the Raise Dead Pool so one is raised.
Other two activations are not used.

Hero Turn 3:
Rordin attacks adjacent Skeleton Warrior destroying him.

Invisible Overlord Interrupt:
1 Support: Armored, Quest.
Heroes are tied for Threat again.  There is a trailing model so he will be activated.  He will move directly towarded the nearest highest threat Hero and attack if possible.  He is within range so he attacks Rordin but does not get through Rordin's armor.

Remainder Hero Turn 3:
Orlaf attacks adjacent Skeleton warrior and piles of bones him.

Overlord Turn 3: Card 1
2 Gang Up: Marksman, Wounded
Orlaf is wounded so he is highest threat.  The Skeleton warrior then moves to attack him.  He three 4 choices of where to attack from but is supposed to try for the rear arc which is not possible so looks to optimize possible additional attacks so he moves to the open square in front of Orlaf but he fails to break through Orlafs Armor.
No other model can attack Orlaf so one will try to attack Rordin and the only option is the model next to him.  This skeleton warrior attacks but cannot get through Rordins defenses.

Overlord Turn 3: Card 2
1 Support: Armored, Wounded
Heroes are equal threat, and there are no trailing models so we look to raise piles of bones.  Two are adjacent to Orlaf so are ignored.  Another back near the beginning of the dungeon so that one is Raised as a Skeleton Warrior.

Heroes Turn 4:
Orlaf Attacks adjacent Skeleton warrior but fails to generate even a single success.
Rordin Attacks his adjacent Skeleton and reduces him back to a Pile of Bones.

Overlord Turn 4: Card 1
2 Surround: Marksman, Quest
Orlaf has quest still so is the highest Threat hero.  Cannot really surround the models but the trailing Skeleton moves up a square to put block the hallway back.  All the piles of bones trigger free strikes so they will not be raised so remaining commands go to Attack.
The Skeleton next to Orlaf attacks him but fails to do anything.

Overlord Turn 4: Card 2
1 Support: Unarmored, Quest
Orlaf is highest threat at +6.  There are no unactivated trailing models.  So we look at piles of bones.  All of them are in front Arcs so normally would not be activated but I think it might be discretion time.  If the overlord does not get some models back into play, Rordin will move up to clear Orlafs path to the door, so the IO rule about not raising to generate free strikes will be ignored.  Both are next to him so tied for Undead Character so both get to try to be raised.
The gamble sort of pays off as one Skeleton is Raised but one is destroyed.

Hero Turn 5:
Orlaf attacks one of the two skeletons in front of him but fails to do anything.

Invisible Overlord Interrupt:
1 Pin: Unarmored, Weakest
Orlaf is Threat +6 but is also in two models front arc so Rordin is the target of the his nearby skeleton as he is not based.  The attack does not beat his armor.

Remainder of Hero Turn 5:
Rordin decides to get up there and help Orlaf whose axe as gone cold.  The free strike also cannot get through his armor and get moves over and destroys a Skeleton.

Overlord Turn 5: Card 1
2 Gang Up: Spellcaster, Weakest
Orlaf is the weakest so he is the prime target.  Two models can attack him but preference is given to moving so the skeleton who missed his free strike on Rordin tries his luck on Orlaf and puts a wound on him putting him in injured.
Now the second skeleton attacks him and also gets a wound.  Orlaf is now at 1 wound.

Overlord Turn 5: Card 2
1 Attack: Armored, Wounded
No models can attack and only 1 Piles of Bones on the board so it is raised.

Hero Turn 6:
Rordin Attacks Skeleton in front but misses.
Orlaf Attacks Skeleton in front and piles of bones him.

Overlord Turn 6: Card 1
2 Gang Up Spellcaster
Neither Hero model has threat so both can be targets.  The further skeleton is the one who is activated and he moves up to attack a hero.  Another discretion moment has him attack Orlaf since decider is normal defense dice but they are tied there.  Skeleton Moves up and kills poor Orlaf.

IO Wins.  Heroes made the critical mistake of getting split up and not playing the mission which is to get to the door.  No one even got an attack on it.  I repeated the test 2 more times quickly and the heroes did win as they were a little more focused on getting to the door and less on fighting skeletons.  So not only am I provided tests and guides to the new IO orders, I am also showing players how to lose as the Heroes. Sweet.

After this test I updated Surround to make it such that it ignores models that cannot move to block the heroes quest path.  So Instead of moving up like 1 square for the trailing skeleton in Overlord Turn 4 Card 1 he would have been skipped.  Any unused commands would go to attack and he would then attack.  If he was to far to attack the unused commands would go to support which moves up trailing models as the number 1 priority.


  1. Nice job! Might actually try the IO mode now thanks to your efforts..

  2. great work..for a very underrated game