Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kings of War Vanguard Model Groupings

Mantic has a tendency to just throw a lot of parts in a box or bag in their stuff which some times makes it hard to tell if you got everything.  I have gone through the kickstarter posts and collected images of the various parts and collected them here.  No images of the hard plastics as it is pretty easy to know if they are there or not.

Plastic Giant (Note that You get 6 arrows)
PVC Basileans (1 Bag Contents)

Resin Basileans

PVC Nightstalkers (1 Bag Contents) 

Resin Nightstalkers

PVC FoA (One Bag Contents)

Resin FoA

PVC Northern Alliance (One Bag Contents)

Resin Northern Alliance (Note Ice Elemental is 3 parts:Body, Arm, Face)

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