Friday, August 5, 2011

Lego Star Wars: Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

Today we take a look at the Lego Star Wars: Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser set. This set is not like the Tantive IV set which is a hybrid scale set capturing the shape of the capital ship but in a smaller scale which has some mini figure play areas. Home One is more of a playscape with 2 small parts of a larger ship. One is the iconic Rebel briefing room from Return of the Jedi and the other is a hanger bay which includes the green A-wing I showed earlier. This set comes with 6 minifigures Mon Mothma, General Lando, General Madine, Admiral Ackbar, A-wing Pilot, Mon Calamari Tech.

This is how I got my set built. You might notice that mine is bigger than the stock model. When this set went on clearance people bought a bunch and have been parting them out so I bought an extra set minus the minifigs and a-wing for like 30 dollars. This allowed me to expand the set essentially increasing the hanger surface area by 100%. Now lets look at my briefing room first.

Here is the concept art for the briefing room.

Here is my briefing room. I did not make many changes to this room. I just made the semi circle start farther from the entrance side.

Not a big change just 3 extra studs of stands on both sides. Allows for a little bit more room for the briefing.

Which I clearly need. I just added 2 new different rebel pilots who could be including in this since the photo was taken.

Above the briefing room you get a swivel chair for Admiral Ackbar to direct the fleet. You also get 2 more control seats. I would probably like to rebuild this part also to make the control area more interesting but I have not done so yet. Expanding it would increase my current lego star wars storage problems.

Here is a still of the matte painting plus live action cut-in's for the hanger of the ship with the briefing room. We see the falcon, captured shuttle, and numerous fighters.

The hanger has crane which can be used to remove the engine of the a-wing and normally 2 storage areas. It also has a refueling line which can connect to the ships.

I add a little extra detailing to the other 2 hatches in the deck. These pipes lead to the refueling line and includes a cut off switch.

This hatch up near the ship front holds a spare flick fire missile so is the ordnance access.

This photo shows why I wanted to increase the size of the hanger. To allow bigger ships. This Y-wing is clearly too long but can still be used for play. I am using the A-Wing crew sled and crew to load the pilot and astromech droid.

A funny side note. Both the hanger and briefing room were located on the head quarters frigate shown above not the more cigar shaped Mon Calamari Cruiser. So this is what the ship these meeting happened on actually looks like for any serious AFOL who want to MOC it.


  1. Wow, nice scores lately on the Lego, color me jealous.

  2. The star wars lego collection has gotten a little bigger since I started last christmas:

    Plo Koons Jedi Fighter, X-wing, A-wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing, Vaders Tie fighter, Midi Scale Star Destroyer, Tantive IV, Home One, Battle of Endor, Wampa Cave, Echo Base (small set with Turret and small baracade not the new one or old one with the big hanger door.) I also have a Tie Defender on the shelf waiting to be my anniversary present. I try to get most of my kits on sale, ebay, or with a coupon back when Borders still existed.

    Luckily for my bank account most of new releases do not really interest me except for the really overpriced millennium falcon which I will have to put on my Christmas list. Maybe Santa will bring it to me.

    This does not include my daughters recent collection of very random sets like 3 Bellevilles, Princess Tower Rescue, Winter Village Toy Shop, and Cursed Cobra Statue. The top of her dresser looks pretty interesting.

  3. I'd like to see an entry on the B-Wing--I don't remember ever seeing the lego kit of that one.

  4. The B-wing is a cool set, I have the 2007 version. I will photograph it and put it up next friday.

  5. That is super cool. I am jealous. I wish I had kids just to buy this for. That Y-wing looks so sweet. Nice work and thanks for putting this up