Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Fight For Food

There was a great little tournament here in Ann Arbor last weekend hosted at Get Your Game On. It was more of a hobby/fair play tournament than a win at all costs. The idea was a canned food drive for a local charity, The Food Gatherers. Entering the event cost 5 cans and up to 4 rerolls could be used or forced per game with additional cans of food. The games used the GW Hall of Heroes Scenarios.

The top prize was for most cans donated but since everyone maxed out their rerolls this was decided by sportsmanship score. Next was the sportsmanship prize which went to the runner up sportsman. The next prize was painting and the final was battle points. The attendance was lower than hoped due to a persistent snow fall the night before and during the day but a good time was had by all who made it.
A significant amount of food was brought even though the attendance was not maxed out and filled a large box such that the box would collapse if lifted. If someone does something like this in the future it might be interesting to use the food as the terrain while encouraging people to bring cans, boxes, and bagged foods for variety.

I did not win anything but still had a good time. My army is not painted so I was out there. I am still working on the tactics and getting vehicles for my mech marines so I went 1-1-1 in the games. I am also not that great of a sportsman since I always like to be right and got into a argument about the new multiple assaulter rules twice where people are still claiming that you are not allowed to fight new assaulters even if you are in base to base contact with them. I was the new assaulter so I was not even trying to get the rule used properly for an advantage.

Here was my army from the event. I am trying to track down the pictures of the participants and will follow up with a few battle reports from the event.

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