Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Space Marine Unique Characters

The new space marine codex is full of unique characters who give the army wide abilities without even being on the board. GW also decided to open the characters up for use for any chapter and allow for different characters to appear in the same army provided only one chapter tactics is used. Some say that the characters are undercosted which may be true overall but seems especially true is that they are undercosted compared to the generic HQ choices in the codex. These were both increased in cost and decreased in stats and or abilities in the new codex for 5th edition 40K. There seems no reason to ever take a Chaplain on foot who is not Cassius when you essential get T6 and Feel no Pain for 10 points plus have three weapons instead of 2.

Ofcourse you need a proper WYSIWYG model for each character so GW might just be trying to get everyone to have 10 different HQ units to build armies with. I have been trying to repurpose other models to make the characters.

Here is my Pedro. Nothing really special. Left over bits from a Space Marine Commander Kit who just needed a combimelta changed to a Storm Bolter and a Banner to represent the Inspiring Presence ability. I will probably base it with a ork skull I have in my bit box.

Here is the mini I will use for Sicarius. With the new costs for power weapons and plasma pistols, I just could not see the advantage to having 3 veterans with both. So 1 becomes Sicarius with the addition of the Halo. Another lost his power weapon for a chainsword.

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