Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Honor Guard Goes On and On

Here is the next mini in my Honor guard series. He has a commander chest, space wolves power axe, and dark angels skull backpack and covered pad. Originally he had a crusader helm but I thought this made him look to busy so I broke it off and replaced it with a more standard helm. The crusader helm is going to go on my grenade launcher honor guard which I hope to finish tomorrow during the BCS title game. This guy probably needs a little more needle file work and some clean up.


  1. still could've looked good w the mk3 helm, but you've added enough details he definitely looks like an honoured vet.

  2. I think the mk3 helm will help add more character to the grenade launcher honor guard. I think it will match the hilt style of the space wolves power sword(more roman/ancient greek) and tabard he is getting. I just need to decide what breastplate to use. I was thinking the very basic one with just the single small skull.