Saturday, February 7, 2009

Terminator Apothecary

Here is the complete Terminator Apothecary model. In an early post I detailed the arm based on a chainfist. Here I constructed the rest of the model using standard termi parts matching the skull on the knee with the skull on the arm. The stormbolter was stolen from a Black Reach termi. I cut the apothecary accessories from the power armor apothecary front to add here. They probably are not necessary but were not going to used on my command squad biker apothecary since I thought they would get in the way of the seated position.

Here is the side few with the arm and the lamp. I built the lamp using a lamp off a cities of death embleshment with part of a searchlight backing. Originally I was going to not use the searchlight piece and use another part of the cities of death stuff which was a skull on a cylinder but this piece was to close in size to the front of the lamp so the imperfect alignment was to easy to spot.

Next to basing. My current basing theme is a scorched earth theme with the characters often highlight with cities of death bits in the with rubble so he will be getting some extra bits.


  1. Awesome, like it a lot, I was probably just going to fit the power armoured apothecary forearm onto the termie arm - but now, i'm not so sure - this rocks!

  2. Yours looks way better than mine does.

    Nice job.

  3. Good job, the carefully chosen additions create a unique look for the model.

  4. I am really happy with the way it turned out. One of the good things is that chainfists are cheaper from the bit traders usually than the apothecary stuff. I did not need to buy one since I had 2 in my bit box but for others this might be a way to go.

  5. The unique parts make all the difference mate, and this is a really nice conversion! I look forward to seeing it finished up!

  6. Fantastic! Nice work, matey!

    - Drax.