Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Honor Guard

This is the crusader Honor guard member. I kept some of the smaller black templar crosses but removed the big ones from the shoulder pads. I am not totally happy with the sword mounting angle. I changed it up some since I already had 2 Honor guards holding there power weapons out at like eye level with their left hands. This is trying to be more of a rallying pose. "After me lads."

Here is a shot of the backpack. It is dark angels with the dagger holding the skull removed and the logo removed from the back. I forgot to replace it with something else so I will get to that tommorrow. I cannot have that much empty space on the center of the backpack.


  1. Looks great - I really like the pose of this one. There's something (almost) medieval looking about the miniature (but I guess that's not surprising!). Any ideas on what you're going to do with the centre of the backpack?

  2. The honour guard are looking good, i like how you have made them slighty different from each other.

  3. I mounted one of the Terminator medallons on it. One that has a jewel in the center instead of a skull. I also did some more work on the sword by cutting off the lower halfs of the crusade crosses at the edge of the guards. Looks pretty good and brings the direct Black Templar things down a level.

  4. @Jabber: the medieval part comes from the BT specific bits. Tabards, chains, cooler helmets, old-school "belt" over the tabard...

    @Eriochrome: looking awesome. Paint them already, you're killing me :)

  5. Paint, what paint?

    I was planning on painting something tonight but certainly not these guys. My skills are not too a level to do them justice yet. I will probably work on some heavy weapons and vets.