Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip to Boston

I have a business trip to Boston this week so this might have several outcomes on my posting. It is hard to imagine it will decrease the rate any lower than it is right now. I have actually been doing a few things mainly building old metal models so maybe I can get there pictures up. They are nothing really special but I am trying to get as much stuff built as I can before getting anything else. Some of these models I have had almost 2 years now so it was time for them to at least get assembled.

I might actually have more time for posting since I do not have a 3 year old keeping me busy every moment I am at home. I also hope to check out at least 1 gaming store while I am there to see what is going on. They have a 40K open gaming night which happens to be on a night I am free so I will have a look.

1 comment:

  1. Hey now I don't recall you saying anything about a gaming store there! Well if you do see something that you want for your birthday pick it up.

    We miss you!

    PS: Your mom wants ideas too, any interest in a GC to Lowe's or such for work on the finishing the basement or will we be having yet another gaming themed birthday☺