Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition Dark Elf Team

Here is my 2nd edition Dark Elf team. Dark Elves used to be very similar to normal elves with pretty much the same players. The new edition changes this by giving Dark Elves Assassins and Witch Elves so this team does not well represent a current team. It is playable but not really different from what you could do with High Elves.

Star Player Tuern Redvenom and 3 other Blitzers

2 Throwers and a damaged Kicker. He is supposed to have a feather sticking out of his forehead but it broke off like 15 years ago.

Standard Lineman
Dark Elf Catchers no longer have a position so these would just be used as lineman.


  1. Sweet. Have the third edition team box, plus SP blitzer, SP assassin and a WHFB assassin. Have an old maurauder cold one knight as third blitzer, I need one more mini to convert a fourth blitzer and then they need to get painted.

  2. My Third edition team is now totally overkilled. I have 9 lineman, 3 throwers,3 witch elves, 5 Blitzers, 1 SP Assasin, and one old WFB Assassin.

    I will probably try to trade the spare thrower and blitzer since those are useful to people with just the team box.

  3. I actually ended up donating the spare dark elves to the local midwest blood bowl tourney prize pool after getting a pack of secret weapons for the wooden spoon awhile ago.