Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will You Accept the Challenge?

September 12-13, 2009

Rider's Hobbies, Ypsilanti, Michigan

So I am trying to let everyone out there know about a new Blood Bowl Tournament for the Metro Detroit Area this fall. The area used to have a Fall Blood Bowl Tournament (Underworld Cup) which occurred at the U-CON gaming convention at the University of Michigan, but due to an organizer change that was moved out of the state last year.

This event will hopefully replace that. The event is scheduled to be held at Rider's Hobbies in Ypsilanti which has easy highway access and plentiful free parking. So if you live in the metro Detroit Area and have any interest in Blood Bowl you should definitely come. Two days of on the pitch mayhem and the opportunity to meet other coaches from the metro area and hopefully all over the Midwest.

The event is running some different rules in terms of skills to encourage broader range of skills to be taken. This is done by essentially limiting access to a certain skill from each skill group to positional players who start with it. For example, the most common skill selected normally is Block due to its almost every turn usefulness, but a team elf team with 6 lineman all with Block does not really match how that team should evolve and play. Certainly sounds like an interesting change to cause experienced tournament coaches to rethink their standard set ups. You also get more gold pieces to pick up skills so some more advanced players can appear or more skills on different players.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Awesome, I'll live vicariously through your updates!

  2. Why not come out for it? Tenn. is not that far from Michigan. We are at least in the same time zone.

    I will keep you updated. Trying to do 50:50 Blood Bowl:40K posting for the next couple of weeks.

  3. I could be down for this, do you live in the area? Willing to put me up? ;)

  4. I think my wife would have something to say about someone from the internet bunking on the sofa. She is sort of particular that way for some reason. ;)

  5. Was just joshin' ya Brad. I think the missus would have something to say about me going away for a whole weekend the week before our trip to Europe too ;) Just wishin' one of the LGS here would host a proper tournament.