Tuesday, July 14, 2009

White Dwarf Archive

Games Workshop has decided to post some recent White Dwarf articles in their new White Dwarf Archive. You need to be a registered user but no subscription is required. They currently have about 8 gaming articles for 40K.

This seems like a great idea to allow more players access to more material on the hobby.


  1. Thanks for the news on the White Dwarfarchive eriochrome. I appreciate you sharing.

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  2. They really should have all there old WD's on there site, or offer a deal that a 20$ DVD gets you 5 years of WD's, etc


  3. The archive has the potential to be good, if they start using articles from older WD.

  4. I am just glad to seem them put any of that content out on the web for free.

    They have to be much more careful the older the files get since they might have things that are not valid or use parts no longer available. In terms of fluff reading and generating ideas for conversions, it would be great, but they would have to go through and label things with outdated rules which requires work.