Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blood Bowl League Game 2

I got my second league game in this week. It was against Matt who is the commish and reigning league champion. He is a very good player who goes to tournaments and does well. He has a pretty valuable Nurgle Team(1,710,000) Half Dead, All Rank. With my rat orge and a line rat out I was way down in team value with over 580,000 in inducements. I got 2 Traveling Apothacaries and called in Freebooter Headsplitter to cover the gap. Taking a Freebooter is risky since they can get your MVP and will such a sort season each MVP is pretty valuable.

Headsplitter is a monster of a Rat Orge. He does not have Wild Animal, Really Stupid, or Bone Head so he is a dependable player. Sure he is still a loner but you do not have to worry about wasting your blizt or leave your rat orge on the ground as he fails to standup for the 2 time in a row. With strenght of 6 and Agility of 3 he can hit hard but still has a standard chance to dodge out of a tackle zone to get the blitz into the cage. With him I was able to open holes to the third level of the Nurgle defense.

The critical drive of the game came in the second half. Deviants are up 2-1 with the ball in the hands of my thrower. Due to the 5 Disturbing presences in the middle of the field I was forced to throw long passes and bombs over the top of the defense. I will have to think more about this since the recievers have 4 agility and no free reroll while the thrower has 3 and a free reroll. It might be better to let the reciever feel some presences and get the shorter pass.
I had lined up a long pass with both the receiver(in the endzone) and the thrower clear of presences. I throw the pass and a Nurgle warrior intercepts it on a 6. We rolled the die to see if the pass would have been on target and it was so I would have scored the clincher. Now Nurgle starts moving up the field. I knock the ball loose twice but on the 8 down of the second half I am scrampling to stop them from scoring. It is desperate on both sides. I try to dodge a Blitzer out of the tentacles of the Beast of Nurgle. He is trying to get over to support a lineman blocking the only nurgle player who can get to the end zone. He breaks free but then fails his dodge roll and the reroll. My turn is over. The nurgle team then just needs to knock over 1 linerat and complete a hand off to a Rotter for the tie. Linerat goes down but the hand off is dropped. Game Over

Deviants get the 2-1 win but as luck would have it, Headsplitter gets my MVP. He deserved it though since he had like 4 Casualties(Most of them Regenerated) and was at one point drawing attention of all 4 nurgle warriors during the end of the critical drive. Unfortanutely the MVP is probably worth more than the win but at should be noted that only 2 skaven(Block Linerat and Gutter runner who has 3 touchdowns) will miss the next game and no major injuries or deaths to the Deviants. The Deviants were able to kill 1 rotter though.

Next Time Dark Elves. This will be a very different game. Another Agility team instead of a bashy team. Interesting.


  1. Ouch, tough luck man - on both counts. Nurgle teams are so tough to beat, their special abilities really are top notch.

  2. The skaven team is the Darkthunder Deviants so I won the game 2-1 so that was good. 3-1 would have been better.

    The loss of the MVP was annoying and interestingly enough I have yet to complete a pass with my thrower. He has thrown 1 incomplete and 1 interception. I have 2 gutter runners who have thrown complete passes.