Wednesday, August 5, 2009

100th Post Review

Here it is Sons of Twilight 100th post. Time to look back at the last 8 months and see what I did and what got the most interest out there from you guys. I started out as a purely space marine 40K blog but have been adding more and more Blood Bowl content since I am now playing in a league again after about 3 years since my last league.

First in the hit parade is the Belial model I did back in March for my homebrew verison of the Deathwing. I decided to go with the dual lightening claw Belial since I already have a Terminator Captain with Power weapon who could also be used as Belial if I wanted the standard weapons. People seemed to like the dynamic open pose I get with the claws. He has several posts as a WIP: 1, 2, 3. I really think he turned out well and maybe will actually get painted with my new painting emphasis.

Here is the another part of the Deathwing, the Apothecary. He uses a couple of parts from the command squad apothecary on the lower torso but does not use the apothecary arm. That is being saved for a future bike army. Deathwing Apothecary post is here.

Here is the Mk IV Armor member of the Honor Guard made from mainly Black Templar upgrade parts. This Space Marine Honour Guard seems to bring in daily traffic off of Google Image Search. I did a long series of different Honour Guards with My Honor Guard Tutorial can be found here.

From these mini pictures you can see that my modeling falls heavily in the kit bashing phase currently. My green stuff skills are poor so no custom sculpting yet but maybe in the future.

Here is a picture of my blood bowl collection I started posting about more recently. Something like 27 unpainted teams reside in these boxes. I am currently working on changing at least some of those to painted and based status. I am currently not letting myself buy or build any models until I have finished painting 3 blood bowl teams(wood elves, undead, and lizardman) and a 1500 point space marine list (Mech Pedro for the win). That might take until Christmas but seems like a good goal.


  1. Congrates on the 100th post ....

  2. Definitely good goals. Which blood bowl team are you gonna paint first? I'd recommend really having a go at their "fluff" as it really makes the team. People love my fluff based on real football teams, and I always get compliments/comments on them, as well as folks asking which model represents their favourite player. I am positive it results in good dice rolls as well.

  3. I am currently working on the Wood Elves. I have them in an Autumn theme with Redish Brown clothes and Orange accents. I will probably have a WIP post in a day or two. The colors are actually close to the washington redskins if I recall correctly.

  4. Just a hundred posts? It really seems like a lot more from you than that, that just goes to show how much longevity quality posting can get you, which is what I like about your blog. Congrats on the milestone, and on expanding your content!

  5. I work in bursts where I have a lot of posts almost daily while at other times it is like a week or more. I think the posting will be slow for a while since it takes me about all my nightly hobby time to base coat 1 wood elf.

  6. Nice job on the lightning claw pose.
    Very dynamic.