Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forge World Epic Stuff

I am trying to get my old epic force into shape and I noticed that Warhound Scout Titans are pretty common in Space Marine lists so I was interested in getting some. Now the current GW ones are ugly. The versions from 20 years ago were better looking. Not sure what happened but it was certainly a step back. Forgeworld had some nice ones but they seemed to have disappeared from the online store epic area. I had heard rumors that if you call them they had like 50 in stock that they would sell. Ofcourse they do not respond to emails in a timely fashion and calling the UK for a 30 dollar order starts to add to the cost pretty quickly.

What to do? Well I searched their site for Warhound and found this link.

Warhound Titans 1

Interesting Description. The product code notes it as a Specialist games epic product and the price is exactly what the epic warhounds are so I ordered it even though they had no picture. It has shipped so we will see what I get when it shows up. They also had a Titans 2 which was listed at 88,888 pounds so a little out of my budget. This looks like a place holder in the system for an old product not currently available but interesting that it is included in the new site database.

As a test I searched for SG-EPC to see what other items were waiting for people to find that are priced at orderable values:

Gargantuan Squiggoth
Chimera Heavy Bolter
Epic 40,000 Tau Broadside Battlesuits
Fire Caste Warriors
Hammerhead Railgun

People with an old catalog might be able to indentify all these pieces.


  1. Interesting.... I tried to order some of the warhounds a while back and they had none.

    In fact I was at FW last week and had the chance to poke around. Speaking to the guys there they said that all the epic models that have disappeared have gone because their moulds have degraded beyond repair. They also said that while the models that are left will be maintained, the ones that have gone will not be coming back. Heres hoping you can prove me wrong!

  2. Maybe they are just selling down their stock but if you want Epic Warhounds with the standard load out of Plasma and Megabolter those were confirmed in stock(about 50 of them) by someone on the phone last week.