Friday, June 24, 2011

Wayland Games Temporarily Drops GW Finecast

Wayland games has decided to temporarily stop carrying Games Workshop new Finecast line of resin miniatures due to excessive issues. They inspected a sampling of 60 miniatures from 2 deliveries and found a 55% issue rate. While some of these issues they not are not to the level where the customer would return the product, they do not meet peoples expectations for quality products. They have a bunch of pictures so all you people who doubted the issues with Finecast should check them out.

I wonder if GW really cares though. They are essentially waging a war on their online competition. Could they be intentionally feeding Wayland bad stock? Will this just make everyone who wants Games Workshop Finecast have to go into a GW Store to get it so they will have multiple copies allowing the customer to actually get a good one. I doubt both of these since you do not want to tarnish your brand for such limited gains between trade and retail price for the products.

As a note for my earlier polls. The models on the left are the finecast ones so people did have trouble telling them apart in pictures once primed.

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  1. Just as I was thinking... Maybe they want you to buy everything to them... ******* Bast****