Thursday, July 7, 2011

Epic Space Marine Dreadnoughts

Back in an earlier post I talked about using a robot as a Heresy era dreadnought but thanks to E-bay I was able to get these guys from down under at a reasonable price. So 6 dreadnoughts which will be plenty even for a hoarder like me.

This Contemptor dreadnought has a nice banner and looks like 2 sets of twin linked bolters as is standard for the Contemptor configuration. So those new Forge World Dreads are not all Contemptors.

Another Contemptor dreadnought shows off the nice high exhaust.

Finally a heavy looking weapon on the left arm for this Furibundus dreadnought. This is a lascannon armed dreadnought so it would be one Forge World is pushing in its pictures.

Now this Deredeo Dreadnought is really packing a heavy weapon. Turns out that it is a missile launcher for this configuration. Even has it in the correct arm according to the Codex Titanicus.


  1. Very Very cool any way we can get a picture of them next to a Space Marine?


  2. An Epic space marine or a 28 mm space marine?

  3. 28mm just wondered how the epic dreads matched up.

  4. I did this post last year where I placed an epic marine next to a normal marine.

    From that I would guess that they are can walk between the marines legs. Most of my 40K stuff is in storage right now but I think I have a Black Reach Captain I can snap a photo next to.