Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blood Bowl: Dark Elves

This is my third edition Blood Bowl Dark Elf team. The second edition team has some great miniatures in it but they had several different uniform styles so the team does not have a cohesive appearance. This team does not have that problem. They certainly look like a team.

Like most of my stuff this is bare metal. Team box is 2 blitzers, 2 witch elves, 1 runner, and 7 linemen.

Here are the witch elves. I really do not like these figures.

Standard pretty planar line man. Three different models in the set.

Here we see the front and back of the runner. Ofcourse when the model was designed he was a thrower but they change the dark elf team since 3rd edition to make a significantly different from the other elves. The current dark elves run the option or triple option where the runner starts with dump off instead of the traditional throwing skills.

You can have 4 blitzers on the roster and you will want them eventhough they are expensive. Their biggest problem to being a real bashing team is that the blitzers do not have access to strength skills as a normal skills.

The last team members do not come in the box. Here we have my 2 assassin models I use. One is the star player model and the other is a warhammer model. Games Workshop did produce some other dark elves with blades for blood bowl but they are currently out of production and I do not have them in my collection.

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  1. I too am a big Blood Bowl fan!
    I even used some cool Blood Bowl Legendary Images in my recent post titled How NFL Opening Day Is Great For Warcraft Players.