Friday, September 9, 2011

Lego Collectable Minifigure Series 5

So Lego has released their next batch of collectable minifigures, Series 5. Essentially each pack has 1 random minifigure from the series but you can get a good idea of what it is by just feeling the pieces in the package. I got interested in these last series when I went out and got my daughter the Geisha minifigure (or Asian Princess for her). She also wanted a figure skater which I failed to properly identify at the store (ended up with wolf man when opened) so I got her one on ebay.

Now the new series has come out and I knew she would want the Cleopatra figure since she loves ancient Egyptian stuff. So I went out feeling and came back with these three.

I was looking for a Cleopatra, Gladiator, and Evil Dwarf but ended up picking 2 gladiators. Not to bad since the gladiator is just awesome. Follows the style of a Murmillo pretty closely with the helmet, armor style, and gladius sword. Only problem is the circular shield which should be more of a traditional legionar style (curved rectangle).

Even his arm has scale style overlapping plates. I went back to get some more figures at my local target a week later but they had sold all of their shipment except for 1 packet. Turned out to be the Evil dwarf I was looking for earlier. I will still have to get some more of the figures since my daughter wants a few more of the female characters.


  1. The helmet and the gladius make this fig one of my favorites of all the series so far.

    Good snag on the evil Dwarf too, he's pretty awesome, I still need an Elf though...

  2. I should have gotten more of these when I first say them. They are now pretty much sold through at my local retailers. Maybe they will restock.

  3. You could always just do what I do and assume that the circular shield means he is a hoplomachus. Or get a brickforge rectangular shield.

  4. If you switch out the gladius for one of the castle spears he would be perfect as a hoplomachus.