Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most Sought After Bit Currently?

What do people think the most sought after bit currently in 40K modeling? I can think of Cyclone missile launchers for deathwing and logan wing, or just the thunderhammer storm shield. Maybe it is the humble space marine missile launcher for your long fangs. Could it be razorback turrents?

What do you all think? Drop a comment.


  1. my most sought after is the twin linked assault cannons from the Land Raider Crusader, but I refuse to pay the prices that some bit stores want for it!

  2. A few of the most sought after bit(s) in no particular order:
    1.) Space Marine Missile Launcher
    2.) Autocannon(s) from the Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Teams'
    3.) Autocannons' from the Aegis Defense Line
    4.) Blood Talons (for Dreadnought)
    5.) Cyclone Missile Launcher(s) for infantry unit(s): The Forge World Contemptor Cyclone Missile Launcher is a cheaper alternative.

  3. Over here , people usually ask me for either Space Marine Missile Launchers or meltaguns. I guess with the new GK craze, psycannons could become quite the rare item.

  4. Can you just get the assault cannon pair from the ravenwing speeder and use the turret part from the razorback with the HB cut down?

    All those autocannons for rifleman dreadnoughts to kill all those razorbacks and light armor.

    Could you use convert the typhoon launcher from the landspeeder into a cyclone.

  5. I remember I traded Ron over at FTW a cyclone for a couple of beakie heads only to have the heads package get destroyed in shipping. I foolishly thought that I would want a selection of heavy weapons in my terminators.

  6. In all honesty, you can get cheap assault cannons from the Baal box with a little modding.

    Personally, I purchased 6 Land Raider Crusader upgrade sprues directly from Games Workshop two price-hikes ago. The extra bits I used or traded which brought the overall cost down to a fraction (original purchase price 15 bucks each, free shipping).

  7. To bad those sprues are now up at about 20 dollars a piece now.

    I am really surprised that Forge world does not have assault cannon and las plas razorback turrets. Maybe GW will not let them since they plan add adding those to the next razorback rev and they need something for the new codex next fall with the 6th ed.

  8. I think that the most sought after bit is...

    The space marine combi-melta.

    I have ran across more articles, pictures, and general comments on 'how to make them' the most anything else.

    I also have taken a look at differing 'bitz' sellers (spikey bits, warstore)... almost ten dollars for the bit itself when you can get the entire commander for a few dollars more.

    Doesn't make sense to me unless there is a high demand for it.