Monday, September 12, 2011

Stripping Plastic Minis: Simple Green vs Dawn Power Dissolver

So I am in the process of stripping some epic squats I got off of ebay recent. I have had a hard time finding more simple green so I bought some dawn power dissolver. I had some simple green left over so I decided to due a comparison and I find that the power dissolver does a much better job with half the soak time. Ofcourse I have yet to check the pieces for softening or damage so I will be doing that tonight. Neither have been able to break down the glue holding the figures to the bases. Anyone got an ideas on that.


  1. Where did you find power dissolver? I found Simple Green in large jugs in the automotive section (at Meijer or Walmart or similar... definitely automotive though.)

  2. I got a new spray bottle of simple green at Lowes. I am guessing that I got Dawn Power Dissolver at Meijers in the dish detergent aisle.

    This reminds me I need to finish getting this stuff out of it today.