Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eight Dollar Blood Bowl Legendary Edition on Steam

I saw on Michigan 40K that Blood Bowl Legendary Edition is on sale until Monday around 1 PM on steam for only 8 dollars. I already have the Dark Elf Version as a physical game but could not resist 8 dollars to get all the other races. I just found out recently that I cannot even get to my gaming boot on our pc since the new USB keyboard is not active when the dual boot windows asks me what drive to boot off, but I bought the game online and will fix that problem in short order I hope.

I spend more than 8 dollars for 1 old star player mini so even if I do not play the game a ton it should be worth it.


  1. I'll give you a game some time if you're up for it. I get a bit fed up of playing the computer sometimes...

    This is the best thing about Steam. The offers are brilliant, especially when so many retail offers are terrible when you think about them.

  2. Need to get some more practice on the interface again. Yesterday in my quick game to test the system when I was trying to throw a block with a beast of nurgle some how I instead tried to move him where he was dodging into 3 tackle zones. Caused a turnover on the first move of my first drive.

  3. Steam is evil, stupid impulse buys.

  4. :) It's good to know everyone else is about as bad as I am...