Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do you have unused Blood Bowl and Epic Stuff?

Because I have unbuilt marine stuff along with all the stuff in my garage sale bin.

What am I looking for:

Blood Bowl
Big Guys, GW Pro Elf Team, GW New Human Team, Norse Blitzer with Single Spike, 2nd Edition Chaos, 2nd Edition Humans, other individual models 2nd edition models.

Squat Land Train, Mobile Combat Fortresses, Megacannons, Thunderfire Cannons and Gyrocopter.

Eldar Warlock Titan. Eldar Stormserpent SHT, Nightspinners (3), Metal Falcons.

What nice space marine bits do I have:
Scout Bike; 3 Bikes with Metal driver bits; Black Reach Dreadnought; Apothecary Head, Arm, Backpack, and shoulder pad; Space Infantry Heavy Weapons: Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon, 2 Missile Launchers; Scout Heavy Weapons: Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolters; Assault Weapons: 5 Meltaguns, Plasmaguns, Flamers; Terminator Heavy Weapons: Assault Cannon(DA), Heavy Flamer; Collection of Black Templar, Dark Angel, and Old space wolves bits.


  1. Ok, I did some digging and this is what I turned up:

    The following are painted (20 years ago...) and will need to be stripped:
    2 Human linemen, 1 Blocker
    1 Orc Blocker
    1 Orc "Cyborc"
    1 Troll
    1 Dark Elf Thrower
    1 Frankenstein
    1 Ogre
    2 Referees: 1 human, 1 dwarf
    1 Dwarf Deathroller
    1 goblin lineman
    2 Elf Cheerleaders
    1 Skaven lineman

    4 Eldar Doomweavers (primed white, but unglued)
    1 Squat Overlord Airship (still in blister)

    I'll take some pictures and send them to you.

  2. Some of that is definitely interesting and worth as look.

    eriochrome at hotmail dot com

  3. Heh, after looking into your BB teams and pitches, it makes me want to repaint one of my teams and make a custom pitch...just because... :)