Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blood Bowl: Skitter Stab Stab

I recently picked up this mini along with a few others on ebay. Due to GWs lack of support for Blood Bowl in the 2000's compared to 1990's, this mini is far harder to find than many 20 year old minis even though it is from like 2004. For some reason GW decided to stop making it while they still produce a fair range of Blood Bowl minis some sculpted like 24 years ago.

The detail on the back is sort of fussy which makes me think this model is not an original. Also the blade looks to shiny. I am annoyed that it is not original but I also got it with a best offer price quite a bit lower than they go for in ebay auctions.


  1. Great pickup - I didn't even know there was a Skitter figure!

  2. I didn't either, and this sculpt looks fantastic, nice find!