Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hobbit: Unexpected Journey Movie

We went to see the new Hobbit movie this past weekend.  We really do not get out to many movies due to the little ones but we both agreed that we would see this in the theater.  I would not consider myself an unbiased reviewer in that I have both verisons of the recent Lord of the Ring Trilogy (Normal plus Extended ) as well as copies of the old animated movies.

We both enjoyed the movie and say that if you like the previous series you will also like this one.  Now we have heard plenty of stuff about the movie.  First people say that it is long.  This is true the movie with the previews is almost 3 hours.  So if you get a drink make it a small one or your bladder with be hurting at the end.  If you need to use the restroom, the best time is after Bilbo finds the ring and is talking to Gollum.  This section includes the riddle competition and you have a good chance to get back before it is over.  The pacing in the first hour is pretty slow compared to the end but my wife notes that the book which she has just reread is very slow in this point.  Also thematically this seem correct as Bilbo does not just instantly go off on the adventure.  The other comments have to do with the film technique.  Maybe our theater does not have the new technology but nothing appeared weird.  We both had some hard times with the 3D in that with a lot of the fast pace action seemed blurry.  Now this might be us as neither of us have really good eyes or the projector focus or could be the film.

The movie has essentially two prologues with a tie in to the earlier films with a scene set before Bilbo's birthday party and also a history of the dwarf kingdom with its fall to the dragon during which you never really get a look at the dragon.  It then goes to the meeting at Bilbo's house, Trolls, Wargs and Orcs, Rivendall, Goblins, and the more Wargs with Orcs.  The movie ends after the eagle rescue before they enter Mirkwood.  I noticed that during the fighting the dwarves are much quicker than one would expect. I also have to say that GW did a very poor job on their goblin town scenery.    The movie setting is far more ramshackle and detailed with more interaction with the caverns.  You might be able to use what they provide you to make something that looks more accurate to the movie but it would be a ton of work.

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