Friday, May 31, 2013

Spikey Bits Miniature Market Review

I recently took part in Spikey Bits Miniature Market.  What they do is they take a video of the contents of some display cases of used stuff in various stages of finish and post it.  They have prices listed for some things and if you are interested you email them and see if you can come  to a mutually beneficial arrangement.  I noticed in the last two videos that they had an epic space marine battle company box and a drop pod pack so I emailed with an offer since this stuff is disappearing from GW direct.

It took a couple of days but I heard back with a counter offer which I accepted.  Retail prices on epic stuff has increased like 75-100% since Epic Armageddon was released so we got to a price for the stuff shipped that was essentially buy the marines and get the drop pods free.  I was looking for some more assault marines for my 40K era marine force so it worked out fine.  Everything showed up about a week later so all in all a good process.

One issue I did have about the videos is that they are like 20 minutes with no real organization so you have to watch the whole video to see all the stuff which takes some time.  You could spend the same time searching ebay and maybe get better prices.  They might want to break it up into groups like 40K, WFB, Warmahordes, Specialist and Other so shoppers can focus on their games first and cut the time watching the videos down as watching 15 minutes of stuff you have no interest to see the item you may want is probably limiting there customer base.  It could also allow them to update some on weekly basis for the stuff that moves faster. 

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