Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter Progress

Here I have posted the data for the Reaper Kickstarter Pledges made per day.  I have cut the first day off in the grapth since it was almost 1M dollars.  We can see that the kickstarter was very front loaded with people who were either very satisified with their models from the first kickstarter or people who missed the first one but did not want to miss this one.  Probably a strong combination of both.

After the first two days the pledge rate has dropped to an average of ~50K day which many kickstarters would love but I am sure is a bit of a disappointment after over 1M in the first 24 hours.  At that rate new models sets for the core kickstarter are going not going to be piling on like they did the last time with options and the expansions also picking up models.  The next week will probably see one or two more sets into the core before the final few days show up.

The last 2 days are probably going to see significant increase in pledges up from the 50K now to maybe 200-300K but I doubt we will see the 500K-1M that appeared in the last kickstarter.  By setting your pledge time to your delivery time they have encouraged people to not wait so I do not think there will be as many people waiting.  An interesting question will be if people pledged early back out if the kickstarter does not reach the 200+ model level for the core that was available in the last kickstarter.  Everything seems a little more expensive this time so we will see what happens.

I personally have not pledge anything yet.  At a minimum I expect to do the 1 dollar plus some options for like 26-30 dollars for some larger things since that is the real sweet spot I have found for the bones material.  The last time I went through the core set it was getting close to the level I was looking for in terms of models I might buy at retail totaling the cost of the set.

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