Tuesday, October 15, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures: B-Wing Starfighter

I picked up the new B-wing set for the X-Wing Miniature games.  Like all the other ship you get the maneuver dial, cards, and card stock counters.

Here is something to watch out for as mine seems a little bent and not assembled very well.  So look closely at the models before you pick one out if you are being a good boy and buying in a brick and mortar store.  I was hoping that the model could pivot on the stand to some angle but that is not the case.  It is fixed in the vertical arrangement. 

You can see the large cannon on the bottom along with the guns on the S-foils.

The back looks pretty good except that the mount connects right at the engines in the back.

The B-Wing has 4 pilots ranging from 22 to 31 in points cost.  All have the same stats.  Thing to note is the 1 defense die and 5 shields.  This ship looks like a great one to target with Ion weapons to bypass the shields if I remember the rules correctly.  The cards are a little tough to read in the picture so I will try to improve that in the future.

You also get 5 upgrade cards.  Proton Torpedoes and Advanced Proton Torpedoes which see to pretty nasty but their range is very limited but if you have focus and target lock going you are probably going to kill something.  These cards add a ton of depth to the game and I will admit I am not really up on all the killer combos.  I find the 1 shot upgrades a little interesting as they really start to add up but seem to really up the damage output for that turn.

Have any of you tried this bad boy out?  What options do you like for it?

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