Monday, November 11, 2013

5th Anniversary Give Away Prize Option: Painted WFB Kroxigor

So today we are showing off one of the prize options for my 5th Anniversary Giveaway.  It is a painted Warhammer Fantasy Battles Kroxigor.  This is a metal model that is not the current Finecast, or the most recent metal, but instead the metal versions before that.

Painted and Based to a reasonable tabletop standard by someone other than me.  I got this with a Lizardman Blood Bowl Team on Ebay and do not need it as I have the official GW Blood Bowl Kroxigor to go with that team so it is in the prize pool.

For details on how to enter the contest check out my announcement post here.


  1. No entries available on this post though. Go find a post with no comments to get a contest entry.

  2. Whoa!! way to show me up - a painted figure! ;)

    1. Probably the only one that I own that looks any good and I am giving it away.