Monday, November 11, 2013

Forgeworld Free Shipping Voucher

Forgeworld is offering to send you a coupon for free shipping on your next order with any order placed between today and December 20th.  Only issue is that the next order has to be made by the end of January which given Forgeworlds slow shipping to the states is an issue.  They usually offer free shipping on big orders but small ones to the states get a like 15% shipping charge so if you want to get a dreadnought or some 30K marines first order an arm or weapon set with like 2 dollars shipping then when that shows up order the rest of the components to save yourself like 5-10 dollars.  Forgeworld is not standard GW so I can talk about it.

I am running a give away right now.  First entry for leaving a meaningful comment on a post with no comments.  Hint Hint.


  1. wonderful ethic for doing a competition to build a wider community i tip my hat to you sir for services to the wargaming community

    1. Welcome into the contest. Slow start but hopefully people will enter as more of the prizes appear. Everyone wants free pewter right.