Monday, November 25, 2013

5th Anniversary Give Away Prize Option: Chainmail Humans

Another prize option for my 5th Anniversary Giveaway.  We have 2 human models from the Wizards of the Coast Chainmail line.  There is a Marine with crossbow and a Glavier in heavy armor.

To enter the contest you just need to put a comment on one of my posts without comments.  It could be any of the like 200 posts without a comment spanning the 5 years of blogging.  5 years so 5 winners.  For full details check out the announcement post.


  1. I'm painting the Ravilla set at the moment, wish I'd bought those sets when they were out, Paul Muller seems to have done all the Elves so far.

    1. Thanks for coming by. I do occasional see them show up on other blogs as individuals being painted. There are some nice models in the set.

  2. I could do a Chainmail Miniature Archive like I have for the Blood Bowl and Epic stuff if I ever get through those.