Tuesday, November 26, 2013

X-Wing: A-Wing Starfighter

Today we take a look at the A-Wing Starfighter for the X-Wing Miniatures game.  I am a big fan of the A-Wing from hours and hours playing the X-wing pc game in my youth.  If you needed to kill other starfighters, the A-Wing was the go to ship. It could essentially out fly anything in the Rebel or Imperial fleets.  This ship model is on the small side so we have lots of close up pictures to look at the model.

Details on the ship are very good.  Looks pretty  much right on.  Only issue is that the cannon mounts are single pointed as opposed to cannon plus antenna.

The back looks really interesting.  First they get that the vertical fins are not straight up but at an angle.  I have 3 minifigure scale Lego A-Wings and none of them do this.  Also note the extra stearing rings behind the engines that attach to the fins.  These are small details that they do a great job of capturing.

Another shot a little farther away.

The ship is also really small vertically. The black line is the missile exit path.

You also get 5 upgrade cards.  3 Types of missiles and 2 veteran skills.

Deadeye lets a ship use focus tokens instead of Target Lock to activate some secondary weapons.  The basic use of this is you to not declare the target at your action if you are afraid that they will get out of range.  It might have some interesting combos with a ship that pushes out focus markers or something but the limited number of pilots with veteran skills and secondary weapons makes this of small use.  It might be interesting to add to a ship with basic torpedos if you have an extra point since the torpodeos already give a focus type affect to their attack.

Push the Limit which allows ships to do 2 actions in exchange for a stress token certainly seems interesting.  Makes you like a mini-Darth Vader.

There are 4 pilot cards.  2 Standard pilots and 2 uniques.  The A-wing has no shortage of actions with Focus, Target Lock, Boost, and Evade, just no barrel roll.  Note that the 19 point Green Squadron Pilot can take veteran skills which is pretty unique for unnammed pilots.  The 26 point Tycho can perform actions even with stress markers which allows for lots of actions when combined with Push the Limit.  He can essential do two actions every turn and just build up the stress markers.  Just make sure you do not need to make a red maneuver as your opponent would get to set you maneuver.  Ofcourse that combo makes the ships 30 points with only 2 hull and 2 shields and 2 attacks basic.  Combining Target Lock and Focus you are probably going to hit but with only 2 dice the results will not be as high compared to something like a X or B Wing.


  1. The A-Wing has been one of my favorite Star Wars fighters ever since X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. My brother always played as a Tie Interceptor and the only Alliance fighter I could chose and keep up with him speed wise was the ol' trusty A-Wing. Its good to see it in miniature form and so beautifully rendered.
    Have you considered posting some battle reports with this bad boy? It be great to see your take on it after some action.

    1. I am hoping to get a game or 2 in on thursday and saturday so maybe we will get something posted.