Thursday, November 7, 2013

X-Wing: Tie Fighter Set

Fantasy Flight Games did an interesting thing with there first wave X-Wing releases.  The starter set came with 2 Tie Fighters and 1 X-Wing with associated pilots.  They also released stand alone packs for the tie fighter and X-Wing and those have additional pilots and upgrade cards.  So if you want to have all the options for pilots you need both the starter and the stand alone packs (assuming no proxies allowed).  While I have not gotten a additional X-Wing yet, I did pick up an extra Tie fighter as it was the only ship at the store I was in at the time.  Above we see the contents of that expansion pack.

Two quick pictures of the Tie Fighter model.

The pack comes with 6 pilots.  Three are the no name pilots that are the same as the starter along with 3 unique named pilots, Winged Gundark, Backstabber, and Howlrunner.  They also put all the unique pilots tags on the backside of the generic fighter tags so it is not a problem to field them all the unique ones from the expansion with your 2 starter set tie fighters.  Since I have 2 starter sets and this tie fighter expansion, I calculate that I can choose 372 different combinations of pilots for the my Tie Fighters.  That is a lot of options.  Howlrunner is a nice pilot with his mini target lock ability to nearby allies.

The set also comes with 2 basic pilot skill upgrade cards.  Swarm Tactics which allows you to get shots out of a wingman earlier than his pilot skill would normally allow and Determination which allows you to avoid critical damage to your pilot. These cards also come in the starter set.

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