Tuesday, February 18, 2014

GW's New Pocket Titan

So GW has finally made the Imperial Knight model that people have been expecting for a while after Dreadknight, the giant Wraithknight and Tau Riptide.  That above is a Forgeworld Epic Reaver with some knee high dreads.  I actually do not have any knight epic models as those where mainly available when I was not active.  I also use my titans as allies and not stand alone army where the knights show up so I have not had any use to get them off ebay.

Now the model does look pretty nice, but if I bought it would just be another 6 inch tall piece of grey plastic sitting in a box so I will pass.  The rules seem pretty reasonable, one will be tough to kill and will kill some stuff but the damage it will do will be pretty limited since it can only attack like 1 unit a turn with its big gun.

Three of them might be an issue for most lists to handle and you might just have to try to get the hidden or off table scoring units which will be the rest of the list.  The price seems a bit high at 140 since the Chaos Ugly is 160 and he is way way bigger from the scale pictures I could find online.  I have seen some images and get the idea that this guy is probably 2 inches shorter than the overly tall wraithknight but bulkier so he should probably be cost about the same.  But GW decided to put that 15% super heavy surcharge on it.

This will sell pretty well for them but will not be anything that addresses any of their real issues.  I do not seem it getting players who have moved on back or as something to get many new players into the game as it just adds another 200 dollars to the cost of playing if you want one since you will need the rules for super heavies which are not in the main rulebook so you will have to buy either the Apoc or maybe the escalation book will have them.  Actually, is there a minimum game size for using the super heavies.  If I take one of these to a 1000 point game it would still leave like 600 hundred points for a HQ and maybe 4 henchman squads in razorbacks or something.  With the Ion shield in the right direction you should be able to survive the round of shooting from any melta unit dropped off next to you and then kill them the next turn so this could be quite a powerful unit in a game like that.

There is some talk that their will be a Imperial Knights Codex which just seems strange.  Two units does not a codex make so the rest of the army unless they are hiding some more cool Mechanis stuff will just be recycled units from other Imperial books.  And they will probably want like 40-50 dollars for it.  I guess the art will be cool.

Update:  Given the number of hits this post drew the interest is very high so it should sell well for them but they were down like 6 M is sales last half year that means they would need 60,000 units of this make up that gap (with no parastic sales) which is quite a few at like 30 per trade + retail outlet.

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