Monday, February 17, 2014

PSA-Remember to Check Your Dryer Vent

Don't be like me having to walk through 2 ft of snow in my pajamas at midnight to clear out the outside vent which was a mix of ice and lint.  Dryers have temperature sensors to limit the chances of fires but you do not really want to test if it is working.

The More You Know


  1. You know what they say: live and learn.

    1. I have taken apart the dryer vent system more than once in the past. I think what happened this time is there was a little build up in the filter area of the dryer that would pull off some of the lint from the filter when I would take it out. It would then get pushed into the exhaust when I put the filter back in. So I also took the back off the dryer and removed the filter assembly to clean it out also.