Friday, May 23, 2014

Is a New Dawn Almost Upon Us?

So GW is going to drop the 7th Edition of 40K on everyone tomorrow after only 23 months of 6th edition after 4 year cycles for both 4th and 5th editions.  Rumors have turned to confirmations and the fanboys have their credit cards ready.  I have looks at the stuff a little but nothing I saw made me go I have to get out my stuff and get back to the table with it.  Probably the 195 dollar bill for just the rules and the codexes for my marines and nids is not leaving me very inspired.  Small rule tweaks aside, I think my problem is still a lack of confidence in producing even a semi dangerous army out of the models I already have.

Anyone out there really jazzed about the new edition or does you see it as just an attempt to prop up the fiscal numbers at the end of the corporate year to hide the weakness of sales.  If they even have a 100K active players still, a new edition of 85 dollar books is worth 8.5 M dollars which is like a 5% sales boost plus investments on new minis to better match your armies to the new rules.


  1. I bought the book from an online discounter, only because the small rulebook is too small for my aging eyes to read. I really resent parting with the cash after 2 years, and with what seems like so few changes that could have been done in an FAQ.

    I am so invested in 40K after 25 years of collecting I feel kind of trapped. If I could find a new ruleset that would let me use my collection and which I could get other people to play I'd use it. I am determined to try more other systems so that if I decide to drop 40K in the near future I am prepared and have something else to play.

    The changes to FOC and army building really concern me.

    1. I never invested in 6th so I guess I could grab 7th with out complaint but just do not really have the interest beyong basic following of the news. My nearest store never seems to even list 40K events anymore. It is not an ideal location for me to drop into so I do not know if they are not happening or just not being listed online.

      I remember when 5th dropped we had a big 32K+ point apoc game on release day at one shop and I went to an event when the 5th edition starter set was released but I did not see anything local for this release.

  2. well everything is about money put the word Hobbie and everything is expensive

    1. Hobbies do not have to be expensive. GW has the best economies of scale in the industry so could be matching or beating anyone prices on these products.

      The new rule book set is not even that expensive by GW standards. 85 dollars for 3 books that are ~100, ~100, ~200 pages is pretty good when they want 50 for ~100 page codexes.

      The new D&D books are like 50 dollars each so the basic 3 (Players, DM, and Monsters) will set you back 150 but they are each 320 pages so 3 times as long as the GW codexes.