Saturday, May 31, 2014

Impact Miniatures Kickstarter

So I went over to the Impact Miniatures Site to check out some Big Guys I was thinking of ordering and I see that they are running a kickstarter.   Their goal is to add a few new teams and convert some others to resin to add to their line of inexpensive resin fantasy football teams.

Now I have gotten stuff from Impact before(skill rings, tokens, weather dice, chests, third party minis)    and have always been happy with both the service and product so I went looking into the kickstarter.  The main new edition is a line of elves which using a mix and match approach can be either Pro or Dark.

This is the dark elf version.  I did a review of the GW Pro Elves and thought them pretty weak so these might be a good alternative.  One of the issues I general have with many of impact models is the sculpting style just does not get me.  I could use a solid fully set up halfling team or maybe another undead/necro style team but their offerings here just do not entice me there.

I do like their big guys though like this Chaos Pact Troll.  So if you are in the market for some fantasy football teams go take a look you might find something that peaks your interest.

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