Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Impact Resin Teams Kickstarter Final 24 Hours

Impact! Miniatures has entered the final 24 hours of their resin team conversion Kickstarter.  They now have over 20 teams you can choose to get as part of the process.  They have not gotten to the stretch goal where they combine the two new elf star player sets which I was hoping for as it would have made it economical to get a single copy of one of the deluxe teams then add a 10 dollar upgrade to be able to field both.

Now the best deal is still the Starscrapper Special which provides 5 deluxe teams for 170 dollars so 34 dollars each.  Here are a couple of the cooler looking teams available in my opinion.

These guys look to be a reasonable replacement for a tomb kings based teams that are very prone to breakage.

These crocs are also pretty cool looking for the generally lackluster lizardmen teams out there.

I am not really sure what this team is supposed to be usable as but they are some pretty interesting models I have to say.  I also like the Chaos Pact team but that is more from the matching of the models to older 2nd edition chaos players who I use for my chaos pact team now anyway.  I think they probably need like 5K more sales in the last 24 hours which corresponds to like 150 more teams sold total.  That does not seem so bad so go take a look.

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