Friday, June 6, 2014

Looking for D&D Chainmail Model Statistics

So summer is approaching and my first born is starting to get old enough for some training in the ways of the nerd.  I have been looking at my model collection and think I might start her with a little X-Wing and some Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail action.  Now X-Wing is star wars and she has seen and enjoyed the movies (especially the presence of a Princess) and Chainmail actually has a fair number of female sculpts that are presented in reasonable (not totally sexist) ways.

Getting out the Chainmail stuff also links into my Reaper Bones.  Back when those dropped I was looking for a good skirmish game to use them with and did not really find one that seemed to get me to want to spend even a small amount on the rules.  Reapers Warlord seems to still want a few more troop models than I have lying about.  Song seems a little simple.  I like my model specific special rules.  Skulldred still seems to be on the drawing board so I drop back to Chainmail.

For Chainmail, I have the original rules, all the expansion books, and the the full downloadable rulebook plus downloads of the unreleased Set 4 and Set 5 model stats.  The expansion books give me the model stats for sets 1,2,3 so that just leaves me missing those for the released models from Set 4.  So that is what I am looking for.  I plan to collate the model rules into a table format and then match them up with appropriate Bones models.  I was looking through my Bones stuff last night and could make a solid Human force, Elf Force, Unhuman Force, and Undead force.  It was pretty weak for the Gnolls, Dark Elfs, and Dwarves.  Not sure why they did like 20 elves and like 4 dwarves.  The next kickstarter will add some more to the Gnolls as their are like 4 different ones in their and they are aligned with demons which also show up in the kickstarter.

Here are the Model Names for the Stat Information I am looking for:

Gnoll Monk
Wood Elf Starstrike Archer
Half Elf Sorcerer (Now found that I have this card)
Half Orc Assassin
Orc Gangfighter
Salamander Trooper

Spiked Fell Drake
Half Elf Cleric
Zombie Minotaur
Werebear Trooper
Dwarf Lightening Lancer
Werewolf Trooper
Ettin Trooper

So if you have any stats for these released set 4 chainmail models, contact me at eriochrome at hotmail or if you know someone who might direct them to this post.  Chainmail was a fun game if the balance started to get a off in the end.

Here are some of the rarer minis that I have cards for:
Dwarf People's Guards


  1. I've got the stat cards for the City of the Spider Queen adventure module if you are interested I could photograph them.

    It's got a really nasty Kiransalee worshiping cleric by the name of Irae T'sarran, as well as drow warriors, wizards, rangers, soldiers and arches. But those are probably covered with the Kilsek sets.

    1. Thanks for the offer but I have that box along with the Kilsek faction box. I also have almost two complete versions of the half elf cleric but no card for it. I know that I am not the first person looking for these missing stats so maybe someone someday will run into this post.