Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BlockEm Blood Bowl League Game 2

Due to some scheduling issues, I ended up playing my second game for the Blood Bowl league I recently joined about a week early.  The planned order was adjusted to allow me to player another player who was going to miss the next league night so my chaos dwarves arrived for battle against another fresh start team of Nurgle Plague carriers.  I received the opening kick off and got to work trying to progress the ball down the field.

I had a better start to the game than last time when I caused a first turn death to one of the rotters(as opposed to losing a hobgoblin to the first opponents block of the game) but he was just a journeyman brought in for the match so no real loss for the nurgle side.  I quickly found myself advancing the ball up the side line with a half cage as many of my dwarves where stuck in with his line and tentacled Beast of Nurgle who never failed a really stupid roll all game.  After about turn four I took a chance and broke for the goal.  It opened my ball carrier up to some danger but he was able to hold the ball.  Nurgle  is really no faster than the chaos dwarves so I was able to reestablish a screen with  the ball carrier just outside the goal line to stall for a turn or two to limit his offensive turns in the first half.

His team was not really set up to score fast so with only two turns to score I but up a weak defense with hobogoblins on the line to minimize any long term cost of some lucky rolls as he tried to hurt me instead of scoring.  This sort of payed off as he infected with nurgles rot one of the hobogoblins (unfortanutely the one who just scored) with rolls that would have also gotten a chaos dwarf.  This earned him a new convert.

In the second half, I played an up defense with a flanker going around his line to pressure the ball carrier.  He was able to push a hole through and make a break for it.  I double marked his pestigor ball carrier but he was able to blitz out due to the change in the Horns rule to work on all blitzes.   He could not stall as his ball carrier was all alone so he had to score on his 5th turn.  I was able to knock out another rotter with a -1 strength injury so he is likely to be left at stadium to infect the fans as they leave while I got a miss next game on another hobgoblin.

The pitch was getting a little more open at this point with both teams missing two players and I had only a single hobgoblin so I sort went  heavy in the center and put the centaurs on the flanks.  Unfortunately he got a blitz kickoff result which allowed him to totally mess up my initial blocks and lock a bunch of my chaos dwarves in the line with the Beast.  I never really got caged up but caught a break when his beast double skulled early in a turn.  This allowed me to reorganize a little and push up the field.  He was able to mark my ball carrier but I was able to chain push the mark away and then take him down (since he was the only "fast player" with a blitz from a bull centaur which allowed the hobgoblin ball carrier to run and go for it out of range of any possible mark or blitzer in my turn 7.  I was then able to get my second score on turn 8 for the 2-1 win.  Sure feet save my butt many times in this match and I am enjoying those Centaurs.  I picked up Block for one after the game while the other will probably get Break Tackle after the next game if he can survive.  The league allows first season teams to assign their MVP's so nothing is going to any of those squishy hobos this season.

The game took a heavy toll on the hobgoblins with only 1 fit for play next game.  I will probably use journeymen to replace them depending on who I have next time as I expect some heavy beat downs to show up soon as I run into some returning bash teams with high TV.  Loner ball carriers are not a great idea but I am unlikely to win those games anyway so trying to play long term.  Overall a fun time.  Only problem with playing Blood Bowl games is that it just makes you want to play more Blood Bowl games and now I have like 3 weeks for the next league night.

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