Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oozing with Confidence at Black Death

Welcome back for another Blood Bowl game here on Cabalvision, I am Slow Ruck and my partner is Toy Axman.  Looks like we have a lovely day for some Blood Bowl today, Toy.  Unfortunately those gathering on the pitch are not so picturesque.  Lets send it down to our side line report Stab Allover for the info.


Are you there Stab?


Stab, What are doing up here?

I am not going down there.  I have not been doing this job this long to get infected with some nasty disease so you can hirer someone prettier.  I am staying right here.

Ok then, Toy, what do we have today?

Looks like the Black Death are back again representing the dwarves of the chaotic persuasion against the nurgle infected  slime factories of Oozing with Confidence.  Looking over their injury report is just disgusting, I think I threw up twice and that was just the probables.  Looks like they do have someone out for today but found an unlucky soul from a local hospital infectious disease ward to fill in for the game.

Oozing won the toss but elected to defer to the second half.  The game is underway with Thark picking up the ball and trying to run up the middle.  Looks like Naurthang Blacksoul put his hoof right through the chest of number 15.  Wait Toy, wasn't that the new recruit.

Yep, looking at the updated roster is see he is listed as Prolly Gonnadye.  Sounds like a depressing family name.

Back to the action, it appears that the Oozing have really gummed up the center with that tentacled monstrosity.  Thrak tries to make for the other side line along with a small defense screen to protect him.  We know how easily those hobgoblins go down.  Oozing is not letting him through easily but he makes to slip through and manages to hide behind a few team mates while some vital seconds tick off the clock.

There he goes across the line for the first score of the game.  Toy do you think Oozing, has enough time left to score this half. 

I doubt it from the looks of them.  They are really lacking in the team speed department.  It does not appear that Black Death really respects their quick score game either forcing their hobgoblins up front to absorb any punishment the angry infected Oozing can deliver.

Looks like they are not going to try to score as they essentially ignore the ball to try to decimate the hobgoblins.  Looks like Thrak took a nasty wounds to the midsection from Maxey Flat.  He could use some medical attention but the training staff is just putting on their hazard suits and forcing him into a plastic bag.  Did they throw him in the dumpster?

Well Ruck, You would have hoped for better care after having just scored a touchdown for your club but such was the life of a blood bowl playing hobgoblin.  Did you see some of the staff for Oozing disappear?  I wonder if we will be seeing Thrak wearing different colors next week.

 Oozing with Confidence are now ready to take the second half kick off.  Looks like Black Death have committed a little more to defense now, not sure how much that will help.  There is a lot of rotten beef out there to try to hold back.   Oozing gets the drive going well with some serious push on the left side.  Another Hobgoblin is down with something nasty growing on his hand.  The training staff are putting the hot iron on it so he is gonna make it but will definitely be missing the next match.  Looks like Black Death has recovered slightly with Belakhost Deathbringer putting a fist through the shoulder of Sludge.  Not quite living up to his name but that is a pretty nasty injury.  Sludge not going to hitting with much power going forward.  Maybe those darn dwarves will hold back the slime.

No Ruck, look Yellowcake has made it thru while Carazad Spiketail and Urzy are trying to cut him off.  He puts his horns into Ursy who quickly gives grounds to avoid them.  He did not want to be pierced by one of those after seeing the medical treatment is fellow hobgoblins got.  I guess the Black Death do not carry health insurance for those guys.  And Yellowcake runs in for the score.  I am sure he would have loved to drag it out a little more but they were hot on his tail and he was all alone on that side of the pitch.

Well I think he lost his tail at the 50 but I get your meaning, Toy.   That leaves half a half for the Black Death to try to retake the lead.  I think there is a word for that but it escapes me right now.  They are setting up heavy near the line.  With only the one hobgoblin left to handle the ball they need to hold the line until he can get it.

Right, Ruck.  Those Bull Centaurs are all hooves and the blockers seem to be wearing to thick of gauntlets to handle the ball cleanly.  But look, Oozing has beat the Black Death blockers off the line and are knocking them back.  Looks like what was looking like an easy center is now just a mess.  Most of the Chaos dwarves are caught by the tentacles again.  Urzy does recover the ball and heads off to the left behind a light screen.

Toy, Is that screen going to hold?

I doubt it, Ruck.  I have a bad feeling that this hobgoblin will also be in need of medical attention shortly.  Wait, it looks like Ballistic Schlissel has tripped in his own ooze while trying to squash a dwarf.  That is a real break for Black Death as it givens them a chance to get some of those dwarves back into the action being free from Schlissel's tentacles.

The pressure is still on Urzy but he is moving up the field.  A great block from Alrog Tongueripper knocks a rotter back into Yellow Cake helping to clear the path.  Naurthang Blacksoul gets back to his hooves and knocks over Yellowcake before moving toward the endzone.  Those bull centaurs are as fast as they are ugly.  It is amazing they can keep their footing with all that ooze out there.

I think Yellowcake was the only one who could catch Urzy.  Yep, in for the score in the last second giving Black Death the 2-1 win.  Looks like both teams took some punishment today and Black Death is probably going to need to seize some more hobgoblins to fill out their ranks for the next match.

Anything to add Stab?

Anyone know why my stew from the concession stand has cloth with letters in it.

What does it say Stab?

Slu... Crap! I better get to the infirmary for a stomach pumping.

I guess we know what happened to Sludge.  Leave it to Oozing to always be out recruiting new players.


  1. For a moment there, I thought Ooz was about to turn the tide of the game, but unfortunately it was not to be, with Yellow Cake being blocked-off the final play.
    Disgustingly nice game report, congrats and Confidence to the next game!

  2. In both of my games, I have managed to get 2nd half turn 8 scores to either tie or win. I have to get better at moving the ball more consistently. It will probably be worse next game as I rock 2 journey men hobgoblins.