Monday, October 20, 2014

Blood Bowl: Black Death at Legends of the Thrall

Welcome to Moonday Night Blood Bowl, I am Mik Terrorco and this is my partner Run Grinden.  What do be have in store for ours fans tonight, Run?

We have a great match up of the Black Death visiting the Legends of the Thrall.  I have been really impressed with what I have seen out of the Legends this season.  Most people will tell you that the vampire is an unreliable player and their enthralled human minions are not much better than a hobgoblin but I think it really comes down to coaching.  Legends has a great coach who knows how to keep his vampires focused on the game and not the thralls or spectators.  The Legends have signed Wilhelm Cheney for the game to bring a little more speed and punch with Marisa Hematomei out this week.  He might be able to make some short work of a few dwarves with those claws.

What about Black Death, Run?

Well, they are Chaos Dwarves so they are going to hit you, and then hit you again, and if that fails they will hit you a third time.  The coach just needs to remind the hobgoblins to pick up the ball and run in the right direction.  That can be tricky especially when you have two hobgoblins pulled out of the mines just this week to fill some vacancies.  Black Death has been on a significant run lately with 3 games in a row with a fatality caused to the opponent, but also 2 in a row with a fatality to one of their hobgoblins.

It is beautiful night for some Blood Bowl and Legends have won the toss and differed to the second half.  The Death fans have traveled well.  Looks like they outnumber the Legends fans 2 to 1 tonight.  The Legends have set up a dispersed defense near the line.  No easy paths through for the Death while the Death has gone very heavy in the center with all the dwarves crowding the line and a bull centaur and hobgoblin in each wide zone.  Urzy is back to try to recover the kick as he is the only hobgoblin on the team with any experience.

It is a deep kick and the death get to work trying to grind up the center.  Looks like Carazad Spiketail has a little stumble on the right side but recovers and knocks down a thrall.  Urzy goes to grab the ball but misses it.  Not a good start for the Death.

That is all about the coaching, Mik.

The Legends reorganizing after the hits from the Death, but do not look like they will be able to put any immediate pressure on the ball and Urzry gets it and moves forward.  He is trying to stay behind a wide screen as a tight offensive formation runs into problems often against vampires as the players are easily distracted by the mental abilities of the vampires..

Looks like the Death have knocked out Count Snap.   Hopefully he will get back on the pitch soon for the Legends as that just leaves Vein Diesel out their to control all those thralls.  Belakhost Deathbringer also takes down a thrall.  Not likely to be back this game.

That should help them advance but the Legends are also giving a little punishment.  Frack looks to be hurt during the advance up the pitch.   The fans are whipped into a frenzy for the Legends sensing a chance to knocked down the ball carrier but he squeezes by for the score. 

The Death now set up the on defense.  They are playing tight in the center and have abandoned the wide zones.  Probably not a good idea with so much time on the clock.   The Legends are not fast like elves but they are not as slow as dwarves.  A couple lucky bounces and they could get an easy score here in the closing minutes of the half.

Another deep kick while the Legends attack the right side, and get several players deep into the Deaths half.  Reinfield gets the ball and starts moving up the pitch.

I really like this Reinfield kid, I talked to him before the game.  He is really committed to studying and learning from the veterans.  Lots of how my I serve you, and what does master require.

All they need to do is get the ball up to Vein Diesel for the score.  Reinfield bolts up for the pass but the ball slips through his fingers.  He looks very concerned and appears to be groveling at the feet of Vein Diesel now that the first half is ended.  I bet he is praying to someone for another chance.

Lucky break for the Death.  That defense was pretty boneheaded.  Just because the Death are all gauntlets and hooves does not mean other teams cannot move the ball across pretty open spaces quickly using the passing game. 

Right Mik, You do not have to be elves to know how to throw and catch.

Starting the Second half now the Death have set up a more traditional defense.  The are up pretty close to the line so are hoping to push the action it appears.  The deep kick is fielded cleanly by the Legends as they try to move up the on the right again.  Looks like they have split the line with half their team on one side of the dwarves and the other.  

Pretty tough position for the dwarves being so slow, moving either way will open up a large path in the pitch.  They try to cover both groups.  Belakhost Deathbringer hammers number 15 for the Legends.  He is down and bleeding heavily in spurts out of the neck.  Perhaps some preexisting wounds there.  Do we have name for him on the roster sheet?

Nope, just Thrall 15.  Really shows the care the vampires have for their enthralled friends.  They need to get him off the pitch to avoid any distractions among the vampires.  Looks like the have placed the still spurting body in front of Count Snap in the dugout.  I guess that is the vampire version of smelling salts.

Carazad Spiketail makes a run at the deep threat but Wilhelm earns his exorbitant salary and drives him back opening a clear path.  A quick throw from Kristen Stewart to Vein Diesel and he is clear for the score.  Wait, he is looking longingly back at Kristen but refocuses and crosses the goal line for the score. 

With the game tied up 1-1, we have enough time left for either team to pick up a winning score.

Definitely, Mik.  I really think the Legend of the Thrall has what it takes to bring the victory home.  Especially with Count Snap coming back to the field.  Thrall 15 must have done the trick.

Urzry fields the ball cleanly this time, and the Death move up the left side, but Legends counter their initial push.  Wilhelm comes over and rams Naurthang Blacksoul into the crowd.  They are trying to tear all four legs off the guy out there.  He appears to have broken free of the crowd but definitely has a severe limp. 

Hopefully, not a broken leg as the Black Death might have to put him down.

No, medical staff says its just a sprain and he should be fine for the next match.

The Legends are on a tear now sending Kirgund Widowmaker out also.  What looked like a pretty even drive has started to definitely go the Legends way.    But Urzry has broken free and made a dash for the endzone.  He looks to be in the clear with only a few more steps for the score and to probably seal the win.

Mik, this Urzry is a star in the making.  Already one touchdown today and he comes his second.

Not so fast, Run.  Vein Diesel and Count Snap have both moved and caught the gaze of the screen protecting Urzry making them lose concentration.  Wilhelm gets to his feet and chases down Urzry who deftly avoids a swing from the right claw but another from the left knocks him down.  Wilhelm is having quite a second half.  Certainly appears worth that cash for the Legends.

The ball is loose on the edge of the goal line.  Reinfield scoops it up and looks downfield for a target in range to score to finish off the Death.

See how focused he is on the game.  What a player.  If he can break the vampires control on him he could be a star if signed to a team like the Dead Presidents.  And there goes a beautiful pass.

Dalk dives into the throwing lane at the last second and tips the ball up in the air and catches it.  Then takes it in for the score.  That was a nice play for a hobgoblin.

He was one of those new players for the Death I told you to keep an eye on at the top of the broadcast, Mik.

Sure, Run.  Reinfield looks to be doing more groveling, this time to Count Snap.

Final moments for Legend to get back the tie that they had a secured before that errant throw.  A deep kick which is recovered by David Thrallace who passes the ball toward Count Snap but the pass goes wide but Wilhelm is able to pick it out of the air.  Unfortunately, Carazad Spiketail puts a shoulder into him immediately knocking the wind out of him as time expires.

Excellent Match Run.

Yes it was Mik, I really thought Legends of the Thrall was going to pull it out but Dalk saved the day for the Black Death and earned himself a permanent roster spot with that play.  Does not look like his friend Frack will be back though.  The mines are probably saver with a better health plan anyway.  The Black Death are living up to their name stretching their streak to 4 games in a row with a fatality.

Both teams look to be back near full strength next time for their games and both are still on pretty positive paths to in their drives for the Blood Bowl trophy.

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