Thursday, March 26, 2015

X-Wing Miniatures: Rebel Aces

Here we get the contents of the rebel aces box.  I know the hot stuff now is the Scum and Villainy but my one of those is sitting waiting for a gift time since the basic box is quite pricy and I bought full retail to support a local store that I sometime go in and look at stuff in since it is conveniently located to other shopping destinations.  Anyway you get your 2 rebel ships, cards, components, and a rule back with a new mission.

Ships are repaints of the B-Wing and A-Wing expansions.  This time my B-Wing does not have a bend down the middle which is good.

Interesting color choices.  Not really my first choice for either but if they did not come painted they would stay plastic grey forever in my house so cannot complain to much.

Interesting new unique pilots.  Get a torpedo specialist which would probably go well with ordnance failsafe, guy who can use stress as an attack focus which would go with push the limit perfectly to get you essentially 3 actions every turn you can manage to shoot at someone.  Defensive dogfighter for A-wing pilot and a bonus movement action pilot.

Doubles of all the upgrade cards.  Crew members for b-wings and low cost missile free a-wings.  Proton rockets could be nasty on someone who can get multiple focus tokens and a target lock for a 5 die attack with all the bonuses.

Crew guys for the b-wing mods.

New mission.  Now I just need to get some play time in with all this stuff.

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