Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reaper Bones II: Pathfinder and Demons

I got my second Bones Kickstarter a little while ago now but never got around to posting some of the pictures.  Certain pieces are still in the gift closet waiting for my summer birthday but I have the basic set.  The Bones of this expansion are similar to the first kickstarter.  The material limitation in producing straight weapons is still very apparent but they did do a better job of making sure the faces transferred properly from the metal versions.  Details are softer than the metal version but since they usually retail for like 1/3rd the price of reaper metal(and like 1/9th the price of GW singles now) they make good options for filling in monsters and such for roleplaying games or other things that are more about the game than about the miniatures.

Now a quick look at the demons from the basic box.

Not bad.
 Not sure whose flying monkey he is but I doubt I would argue with him.

Details pretty soft on this one.

Pretty reasonable.

Pathfinder Heroes
Dwarf Mages
I have a nose it is just pretty small.
I really like this one.  The face looks a little funny but that is the character design not the model.

Reaper has apperantly announced that they will be doing a Bones III kickstarter soon.  I am pretty much tapped out on Bones.  I am sure that I am weaked willed so I will be forcing myself to ignore it. My 300+ bones now is more than enough for anything random and if I at somepoint come up with a specific project the piece prices are not bad.

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